This project was one of my favorites in 2019. My client reached out to me to remodel her Los Altos home, which she wanted to prepare for sale. It was a wonderful property, albeit somewhat outdated. What made this project challenging was that it needed to be completed in ten days. The feat entailed replacing 2000 square feet of flooring of hardwood, tiling, and wall-to-wall carpeting; removing a small wall; painting the kitchen, the living-room built-in units, and the kids’ vanity; replacing kitchen countertops and installing a new backsplash; replacing tile flooring in the kids’ bathroom…. In. Ten. Days! Did I mention that all this was to be done in ten days?

Luckily I work well with tight deadlines. Challenges like this energize me. I quickly gathered a team of some awesome guys whom I work with on a regular basis, and we got to work. We worked swiftly and efficiently and I’m proud to say that we wrapped this project up just on time. You can check the Before and after picture from this house here.

Just as we finished working on this house, as I looked forward to some much-anticipated rest, my client told me that they had found their new house. They wanted to move in as soon as possible and wanted help buying new furniture. This time I had three weeks to complete the project. How could I possibly say no? Besides always being up for a challenge and being nourished by such rapid energy, I simply love selecting room decor. Usually, people focus on redecorating one or two rooms. But an entire house?... This was going to be fun. Also, I really love these clients. They’re the most outgoing people, they’re excellent communicators, and working with them is like a pleasant breezy walk in the park. Furthermore, they trusted me and gave me the freedom to choose anything, and this additional element made any inkling of stress melt away.

The house they purchased had recently been remodeled and the architecture and interior layout was beautiful. Such an aesthetic setting made my work even more satisfying. The only obstacle was the tight time frame. Due to this constraint, we couldn’t order custom-made items. We had to find suitable pieces from inventory that vendors had stocked and were readily available. Again, we successfully met our deadline.

Here is the living room, kitchen and dining, all in one open space:

The family room is the first thing you see when you enter the house:

Master Bedroom:

For the kids' bedroom we wanted to create custom art with their names and birth date so they will feel even more at home in their new home:

One of my favorite rooms at this house is the Game Room because we added, to my client's request, a climbing wall and a small gym for the kids' to practice. The kids' loved this hangout space from the very first moment.

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