When clients approached me about an open space project in their home, they expressed how important it was for them to add warmth and texture to make the space more interesting. This multi-functional medium-sized open space included the kitchen, dining area, living room, and entrance. Furniture for this space would need to be both beautiful and durable, and the color scheme would need to be fresh yet warm.

Upon starting this project it was clear that the space was missing a focal point. Well, there was a focal point. Sort of. It was the open kitchen. The challenge would be to design a new focal point in order to draw attention away from the kitchen. To achieve this I created a wall that would theoretically be an ideal space for a fireplace, but we built this wall without a fireplace. It sounds confusing, I know. But in the California Bay Area, since winters aren’t harsh, more and more people either remove their built-in fireplaces altogether or convert their traditional fireplace to an electrical one. This particular house was a more modern structure and was originally built without a fireplace.

The wall that we created as the new focal point in their open-space functioned as a place to mount their TV. The wall was coated with a fine cement-colored gray plaster, which gave it a smooth yet earthy feel.  It worked because it was well designed and the result was beautiful.

The next area of their open-space that needed more definition was the living room. It was important to design this area in a way that would feel distinct from the other areas of the open space in order to avoid the feeling of ambiguousness. We reached this goal by placing a well-proportioned rug and a long bench (that doubled as storage for toys and blankets, etc.) to frame this living space and define its specific functionality. Light linen curtains added softness, and of course, a variety of textiles in a range of patterns and colors lended that extra layered look.

Don't forget to check the "Before" picture to see the transformation.

Photos by: Limor Edrey,  Tel: 408-649-8784



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