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My Kids' Vanity

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Five years ago, when we first remodeled our house, a 55” wide space and a tight budget led us to purchase a prefab floating vanity with two sinks. The kids were young and I assumed that having two sinks in one bathroom would make life easier. I wanted a floating vanity but the only one available at the time, that checked all our measurement boxes and budget constraints, was 48” wide. It wasn’t perfect, but at the time it was ‘good enough’ so we installed it and moved into our new house.

Two weeks later I realized that I had made a huge mistake. The vanity sink bowl, that came with the vanity cabinet unit, had no downward slope which meant that all the toothpaste muck left over from our kids’ teeth brushing routines, stayed stuck on the sink sides -- an unsightly spectacle for all to see. So gross! To make matters worse, this was the bathroom that our guests used too. So embarrassing! Cleaning that sink several times a day was a repetitive annoyance and a complete waste of time.

Several years later, following countless sink scrubbings, we decided to replace it. Yippee-yay! But we couldn’t reach a consensus about what to replace it with -- should we invest in a custom built vanity and sink, or buy a prefab one? Would it be floating or not? Would it have two sinks or one? To tell you the truth, from the very beginning my gut feeling nudged me towards a 55” wide, custom made, single sink structure, but it took a while to convince my husband. Finally, he made an obviously smart decision and told me to go ahead and pick whatever I wanted :-)

It’s not everyday that I get the professionals I work with to build something for me, but I set to work and designed this stunning solid white-oak vanity, and enthusiastically presented the challenge to them. Just look at how my talented carpenter scalloped those two drawers -- I love it! And look at that exquisite white carrera top built by my super skilled fabricator. Can you believe that it only took two hours of consultation to align my vision with their know-how and precision, that resulted in this gorgeous space? I cannot be more happy from this outcome. Can you tell?

And here is how this bathroom used to look like, before we started remodeling this house:

You can't believe it's even the same room, right? well, I'll give you a hint: I didn't move the window....

You can check more photos from this project here.

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