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Ever since I was a little girl I was drawn to intriguing and beautiful spaces, textiles, and a wide range of materials. I’m the daughter of a textile artist and an innovative hardworking welder, and as a result was raised surrounded by human creativity blooming against a backdrop of wondrous wild nature.


Growing up, I felt driven to create beautiful things. I developed my passions, forging ahead until I founded my first business that designed personalized custom bedding for babies. The products eventually sold in prestigious baby shops. You can’t imagine the joy I felt having my artwork purchased and being used daily for my clients’ young children. 


And yet something nagged within me. It was a desire to do something bigger, something that would transform entire living spaces. So, I decided to study Interior Design, which combines my love for aesthetics, spaces, materials, and humans.


Moving to California with my family, in 2011, brought an opportunity to fulfill another creative dream, that is to learn the intricate craft of traditional upholstery and furniture restoration. Then we purchased a home, which I remodeled myself. During our remodel I realized that I needed to return to my fundamental love of Interior Design. It’s a niche that gives me a sense of completion and wholeness. And thus my business was born. My company is based in Sunnyvale, CA. Over the years we’ve designed hundreds of projects, spanning the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, from house remodels to commercial spaces. Each project and process brings me immense satisfaction. Helping clients manifest their dreams into actual brick and mortar is essentially what motivates me – no matter how big or small the project – from designing a built-in cabinet, or a whole house from the foundations up.

A few months ago, I moved back to Israel with my family, and these days I work remotely with my lovely clients in the Bay Area and come for work visits every couple of months. I am thankful for the ability to work remotely with my beloved clients and team and design beautiful spaces for my clients.


I would absolutely love to explore ideas and work with you on your next project. 

Looking forward to talking with you.

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