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The BoxIMG_1835-2.jpg

The House with the Box

 The residents of this home were a lovely young family with a small child. They wanted to remodel their child’s bathroom and move the washer and dryer from the garage to a new location inside the house. 

I measured the house and played around with ideas for their space. The child’s and master bathrooms shared a wall. I realized that if we moved some walls we could gain not only a better bathroom for their child but a walk-in closet and an upgraded bathroom for the master unit, as well as a perfect niche for a washer and dryer. This modification would also add plenty of storage, built-in TV cabinets, a coat closet, and hallway closets.

What started as a small project had blossomed into a larger venture that would provide these clients with an outcome that they would absolutely love. This project was a pleasure to work on, mainly because the clients bought into the vision and trusted me to pursue meaningful changes, which I am very thankful for.

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