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Beautiful Farm House Quick Transformation in Sunnyvale

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

This project started when most of us here in California were sheltering in place due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. My clients had purchased their home just before quarantine started. They planned to remodel their kitchen, bathroom, living room and upgrade their electrical circuits, and had hired me to design these spaces and oversee the project management. It sounded like a great plan until quarantine forced construction supply stores to shut down until further notice, and then open in a significantly limited capacity, which brought construction work almost to a complete halt.  Add to this mix my clients’ move-in date, which was just around the corner, and it felt like everything was going to be an uphill struggle. But I’m driven to meet any challenge and was prepared to do anything to move things along so that my clients would be able to move into their house within two months. Yes -- two months -- during a pandemic --  crazy I know, but doable when you put your mind and some elbow grease to it!

Here is how this kitchen used to look like:

Being faced with a tight budget and timeframe, my clients decided to keep their current cabinets and opt for cosmetic work to improve the ambiance of the space. We painted the wood cabinets, changed the countertop, and added a new backsplash and hardware. To add more texture to the room I suggested adding horizontal shiplap planks across the walls, which tied this kitchen space in with the dining area.

As always, I need to start somewhere and make sure all works:

One of the features I love are the holes we drilled in the upper cabinets for network components. We achieved a seamless look by marking exactly where the holes were going to be placed. Precision here was key, and though I was apprehensive at first, I did the drilling of the first door myself to make sure that absolutely every hole would be perfectly aligned.

And the guys continue with my marks. Team work :-)

Look how beautiful they look:

The completed outcome feels calm and clean. It’s modern yet incorporates a classic palette, materials and patterns. All these elements give this remodel a timeless quality.

Photographer: Vivian Johnson

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