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My Master Bedroom Transformation

As a designer, what do you think my biggest challenge is? Yep, you’ve guessed it -- the hardest thing for me is designing spaces in my own home. It took me years to figure out how I wanted my bedroom to look, and once the work was finally done it took me another couple of years to photograph it. Slow... I know!

But this personal project was special for me. For one, it was a one-day DIY project. Secondly, it was with the help of my beloved contractor that my vision became a reality. This master bedroom now features a gutsy focus wall, painted in a bold dark teal, adopting the concept of floor-to-ceiling angular trim, in a wainscoting-gone-wild state of mind, that still feels harmoniously composed and is tres tres chic. Wow, that was quite a mouthful so let me break it down for you step-by-step. But first, lets' start with a nice "before" picture, shall we?

The most important thing, for a design like this, is to keep all trim angles the same to create that flowing feel. The spaces in between the trims can and should vary to boost that spicy dose of intrigue. I sketched the trim layout pattern, and decided that for a relatively small space it would be best to not overwhelm the wall with too many panels.

My contractor and I used a pencil to mark where each panel would go on the wall. We got the 2 ½” MDF trim from Home Depot, and used a staple gun to nail them to the wall, ensuring that the meeting points between the trim parts were connected as seamlessly as possible. After all trims were secured to the wall, we smoothed over any nail bumps or holes and prepared the wall surface for paint.

I usually lean towards natural colors that give a clean, neutral and fresh feel, but when I flipped through my color fan I was immediately drawn to this deep teal (officially called: BM HC-158 Newburg Green) and  it was love at first sight. We instinctively think that dark colors make spaces feel gloomy and small, but when used strategically a dark hue can actually make a room look lighter, more interesting, and even serene -- which is exactly how a master bedroom should feel. What I love most about this color is that it works well with almost any other color you put next to it, and this gives a lot of leeway for accessorizing with furniture, bedding, and art. 

In fact, this color is so versatile and pleasing to the eye that I’ve used it for other wonderful projects for example "The House with the Box":

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1 Comment

Sandra Chung
Sandra Chung
Apr 08, 2021

The color of the accent wall is so pretty! It goes so well with the beige wall. Do you know the name of that beige color? Thanks!

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