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Geometric Dramatic Powder Room

This powder room is part of the San Jose Bathroom Remodel Project which you can read more about here and here.

 This one was originally a Guest bathroom with a tight and small shower, which I don't even think was built with a permit since there wasn't enough space between the toilet and the vanity. That was already there when my client bought the house. Since they didn't have the need in a shower, but on the other hand, had the need in a spacious toilet room, they wanted to convert the shower to a regular powder room, meaning toilet and vanity only.

here is how this room used to look like:

As I mentioned in Modern Texture Bathroom in San Jose, my client really loves textures, colors, and layers and overall really dare in her design selections. this is why we went with this unique floor, which is actually a porcelain floor, would you believe it? and also, combined it with 6" shiplap all over the room. The outcome is very pleasing, interesting, fresh and modern.

Photos by: Limor Edrey

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